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MVNO from Las Vegas purchased license on ESSO OTA and SIM cards applications

3 April 2010

Mobile operator Telecom North America Mobile Inc. (Telna) signed license agreement for Ester Solutions software: ESSO OTA platform, customized to the Telna requirements, and specific SIM applications. Acquired software applications for SIM cards (applets) include Call Control, MultiIMSI and USSD Menu services. All applets are managed over-the-air by the relative functional applications built-in tbe ESSO OTA. OTA platform is managed by Telna backend - service management server.

The call control application allows the intercepting of outbound calls as well as the triggering of a callback or call through (through an access number) to establish a subscriber's outbound calls in scenarios where direct dialing would be uneconomical. Applet activation, probing and callthrough modes set over-the-air.

Multi-IMSI application holds multiple IMSI, each with their own key. Additional IMSI and keys loaded over-the-air. This application works in probing and manual selection modes, as well as in the mode of switching to the specific IMSI defined in OTA message.

USSD Menu application is dynamic SIM Toolkit, which services can be replaced by OTA and service requests come to USSD numbers or SMS numbers, if USSD is not operational in the country of location.

All applications shall go through Quality Assurance on the handset mobile with Windows Mobile, Symbian, Blackberry, and Android OS, and some outdated Java handsets.

Telna provides mobile and fixed telephony services to its corporate and postpaid customers from North America. Main office of the company is in Las-Vegas, USA.


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